Seattle Ridge

Seattle Ridge is company that I re-branded and designed a new website for while working at The Branding Iron. This client had been working in the kitchen remodeling industry for 18 years, and they recognized it was time to update their branding.

Seattle Ridge Cabinet LLC
Based In
Seattle, WA
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The Challenge

One of the challenges with this project was that the client was undecided in what style they wanted to so I started off by exploring a few different directions for them. First, I tried a sleek and elegant modern look that incorporated a minimal gold line mountain. Second, I tried a more vibrantly colored vintage inspired logo. We decided to go with the first style, and I began designing a home page layout for the website incorporating some of the content from their current website. Unfortunately this is as far as we got with this project, because we lost communication with the client for an unknown reason. After reaching out to the client multiple times, they never responded. This was unfortunate, yet I am happy with the work I was able to create, so I decided to let my work live on as a portfolio piece.

Home Page Mock-up