Red Twig

In November of 2018 I was asked by the Red Twig cafe to help them re-brand and design new coffee bags for their store. The Red Twig is a small family owned cafe in Edmonds, where my wife had been working for 2 years, so I did this project as a freelance gig on the side for them. They came to me with a clear aesthetic in mind, and I was able to help their vision become a reality. I started off by designing a logo which went through a few iterations and eventually settled on the logo that you see below.

Red Twig Cafe
Based In
Edmonds, WA
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The Challenge

Once we nailed down the logo we proceeded with the bag design, which proved to be more of an involved process than I anticipated. This is because the first two bag vendors that we tried to work with didn’t end up working out, so each time we had to change the design to fit a different style of bag. Also because of the small volume of coffee beans that are sold at the Red Twig, we decided to design one bag, and then attach a tag for each different variety of beans. These tags are also perforated so that they can be flipped upside down in order to read the details on the backside. It was a fun and new adventure for me to design coffee bags, and I am happy to say that the bags have been very well received by the Red Twig and its customers!

Initial Logo Designs

Chosen Logo Design