Key Choice Commercial

Key Choice Commercial reached out to us at to help them through the journey of re-branding their company. I had the privilege of being tasked with creating all of the visual designs to represent their new brand identity, such as the logo, style guide, website, print documents, and signage.

Key Choice Commercial Real Estate
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Lynnwood, WA
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The Challenge

For Key Choice Commercial I needed to create a visual identity that would update and modernize their brand moving forward. One aspect I found particularly challenging about this project was trying to maintain a sense of brand recognition, while completely changing the name and radically shifting the visual identity. In the end, one way I was able to keep some familiarity with the original brand was to use a similar color pallet, which made the transition a little bit less jarring.

The Design Process.

Once we helped nail down the new name for Key Choice Creative, I started off by exploring a few different possible directions for their new logo that fit withing their established color scheme. Below are a few of the options that I presented them with:

Preliminary Logo Designs

Website Design

Once we nailed down the logo design I created a simple brand guidelines document that outlined the Logo Variations, Typography, Colors, and Design Elements/ Patterns. I then began working on a website design, and we eventually landed on the design you see below:

You can visit the live site at: