A few months after I was hired at we decided it was time to rebrand our own company. Our company was growing, and we recognized that there was room for improvement in our visual brand identity. So I was tasked with improving upon our already established brand, by redesigning our Logo, creating a brand style guide, and most importantly, designing a new website.

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The Challenge

We wanted to update our brand, but we didn’t want to lose any sense of recognition that our clients had with our existing brand. So we decided to refine our image by updating the logo and website, while still maintaining the same name, colors and tag-line. We believe that these subtle yet profound changes have made our visual brand identity much more effective and compelling.

Once we nailed down the logo design I created a simple brand guidelines document that outlined the Logo Variations, Typography, Colors, and Design Elements/ Patterns. I then began working on a website design, and we eventually landed on the design you see below:

You can visit the live site at:

Home Page Design

Initial Logo Designs Options:

When starting this project I already had a pretty good sense of the ways that we could improve our logo. But I still explored a few different design directions.
Here are a few of the options I initially came up:

Previous Logo Vs. New 2020 Logo